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      The issue of military model collection and appreciation needs to be considered from two aspects. Firstly, the issue of collection. Collection, as the name suggests, means collection, preservation, and preservation. So, understanding what military models are worth collecting is the first issue that needs to be addressed. Personally, I believe that alloy finished military models must have at least one of the following four attributes in order to be worth collecting.
      1. Scarcity attribute (limited edition)
      so this model has a certain scarcity due to its limited output.
      2. Mold opening properties (first paragraph)
      Every new model is launched on the market, and the manufacturer will conduct preliminary market research to select the model that the model enthusiasts are looking for and develop molds to meet their purchasing needs. Usually, the first model is not the best quality, but it must be the manufacturer's most attentive and highly sought after model in the market. Taking the military aircraft model produced by HM as an example, the vast majority of models with product numbers ending in 1, They are all sought after by model enthusiasts, such as the Su-35BM fighter model with the number HA5701 shown in the picture.
      3. Theme attributes (event machine)
      The themes of military models generally include event aircraft, real combat aircraft, demonstration aircraft, prototype aircraft, etc. The Su-27 fighter model in the Barents Sea scalpel incident above is a typical event model.
      4. Non replicable attribute (out of print)
      The alloy finished product model itself belongs to industrial products, and products produced on assembly lines can be rearranged by the manufacturer at any time as long as the mold of the model is still in use, which is commonly referred to as replication by mold enthusiasts. Therefore, the out of print model referred to here is actually a model produced by a model manufacturer that has already closed down or switched industries. Currently, the most famous one is the CW Century Wing, such as the four F-14A fighter jet models shown in the above picture, It is a model that is out of print.
      本文由大型軍事模型提供幫助,更多的相關內容請點擊 http://www.cumminsnigeria.com希望本文能夠為您帶來幫助,感謝您的閱讀!
      This article is assisted by a large-scale military model. For more related content, please click on http://www.cumminsnigeria.com I hope this article can be helpful to you. Thank you for reading!
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