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      1. Looking at the main body of the ship model: the building, also known as the ship, should pay attention to whether there are traces of polishing and joints at the joints of various structures of the ship, and whether they are fully implemented according to the construction drawings or CAD.
      2. Check the overall color of the ship model: whether the colors of each part of the sand table model are completely colored according to the renderings, and whether there is color deviation. If individual buildings do not have renderings, technicians from the sand table production enterprise can color them based on their experience, but it should be in line with reality.
      3. Looking at the base of the ship model: The base is the base of the sand table model, mainly checking whether the base matches the ground and walls of the exhibition hall or sales office harmoniously, and whether it is atmospheric and of high grade.
      4. Looking at the greenery of the ship model environment: The greenery on the sand table model is an important aspect of flight, and it is necessary to observe whether the style of the greenery conforms to the local environment. If it does not, it cannot be considered a good environment.
      5. Look at the lighting effect of the ship model: The lighting mainly serves as a foil. Mainly examine whether the lighting layout is reasonable, and the lighting in residential areas is usually a myriad of household lights; Commercial buildings are brightly lit to highlight the bustling and bustling commercial streets; Environmental lights should form a tacit understanding with greenery.
      Design and production of various models, relying on our rich experience in model production to provide customers with various model solutions and after-sales services. The main products include ship models, marine engineering models, vehicle models, mechanical models, architectural model and other fields to meet the needs and uses of various models of customers. The model specifications range from small batch gift decoration models to medium-sized static display models and large dynamic display models.
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