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      1、 Save Placement
      Prohibited hanging placement: Place in a place that is not easily accessible to children to prevent them from accidentally dropping the model. Not only is the model damaged, but it is more likely to harm children.
      High temperature exposure prohibited: Do not expose to direct sunlight or high beam lamps for a long time, as it can easily cause aging, deformation, and cracking of the paint and plastic parts.
      Avoid damp environments: If the zinc alloy model is left in a relatively damp place for a long time, the alloy on the surface of the model will be prone to oxidation, black spots, paint bubbles, and other phenomena. Therefore, try to keep the storage environment dry as much as possible.
      Leave the packaging box: This not only affects the viewing quality of the model, but more importantly, it directly affects the value of the car model collection and the resale price.
      2、 Appreciation and play
      Do not use excessive force: High simulation models are assembled with many parts, some of which are particularly small, so it is important to be anti drop, shockproof, and anti pressure. Be careful when handling, and do not use excessive force to cause damage to the components.
      3、 Maintenance
      Cleaning dust: Regularly use tools such as a soft bristle brush or hair dryer to wipe the dust on the surface of the model.
      Waxing of paint surface: Alloy models generally require the use of wax or beryl to scrub the surface for rust prevention after being placed for two to three months. But it should be noted that each wax application should be thin, uniform, and minimal. Too much wax can easily fit into the gaps of the model.
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