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    3. 您好,歡迎光臨濟南泉誼機械科技有限公司網站!


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      發布時間:2023-05-08 來源:http://www.cumminsnigeria.com/

      Made according to the 1:1 production of the original tank, using high-end car paint spray coating, the surface is smooth and beautiful, and the material used is metal+galvanized sheet. The main structure of the equipment is: a square tube keel skeleton with iron plate skin, and there is a driver's seat and control lever in the cockpit. People can enter the cockpit, and the shoes are molded and cast to imitate the real tank. When the muzzle moves forward, it has a total length of 10 meters, a vehicle length of 7.6 meters, a width of 3.5 meters, and a height of 2.37 meters. The entire vehicle weighs 6-8 tons.
      Our production process usually involves designers designing drawings and corresponding model numbers. Designers and teachers with more than 10 years of experience in military modeling communicate with each other to determine the accuracy of the design details and skeleton. Our master started making internal beams using 12 * 12 square tubes with a thickness of 5 millimeters, beams using thickened channel steel, angle iron, and frames using 5 * 5, 4 * 4, and 3 * 3 square tubes. The double layer skeleton adds a double layer, making the structural texture more robust, domineering, and realistic.
      The exterior is made of 5-15mm international galvanized steel plate, made of non rusting material, and other parts are individually customized components. Carbon dioxide gas shielded welding of iron plates is combined with the exquisite craftsmanship of our teacher Fu. The details of the external corners are leveled, polished, and treated with anti-corrosion and rust prevention. Multiple layers of epoxy primer and professional topcoat colors are mixed and treated, and the topcoat details are treated with high-end brand paint. There are four standard seats inside the tank, and there are also independent instruments (water temperature gauge, barometer, oil gauge, voltmeter), steering wheel, joystick and other equipment. The similarity is above 95%. After the production is completed, a 25 to 40 ton crane is used to assist with specialized truck delivery.
      This tank is suitable for:
      Various tourist attraction 2. Agritainment 3. Sightseeing agricultural park 4. National defense theme amusement park 5. National defense education industry base
      Patriotic Spirit Education Base 7. Education Machinery and Equipment for Youth and Children Camps 8. Production and Shooting of National Defense Sports Film and Television
      、國防企業演練10、研學基地 11、青少年實踐活動產業基地 12、場景場所
      National Defense Enterprise Drill 10. Research and Learning Base 11. Youth Practice Activity Industry Base 12. Scene Venues
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