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      Navigation model: refers to the model of a ship or warship, usually referring to the production, competition, exhibition, and performance of models in sports events. It is a technological, military, sports, cultural and educational activity. By creating various forms such as model competitions, exhibitions, and performances, we can gain knowledge about ships, navy, and the ocean, and improve their overall quality.
      Is the navigation model a military model?
      Navigation models are technological sports events that involve studying and creating various models to manipulate on water, in order to learn about navigation science. Navigation models have been developed in China for more than 50 years and are loved by the general public, especially teenagers. There are many types of navigation models and their classification varies. According to the rules of the World Federation of Navigation Model Games NAVIGA, the competition events for navigation models are divided into five categories:
      Power boat navigation model (M), a racing boat model with internal combustion engine power for circular racing and radio remote control for single or multiple boat racing;
      Simulated navigation model (C), only evaluating various models such as ship equipment and construction scenarios with advanced construction technology level;
      Durable Racing Boat (FSR), radio remote control, a racing boat model that collectively races and navigates in circles for a specified period of time according to a dedicated competition venue route;
      Sailing model (S), which is a radio controlled sailing model;
      Simulated Navigation Model (NS).
      A military model is a model that is scaled down based on the appearance of military weapons (external visible components such as weapon systems) and is generally used for teaching, exhibition, experimentation, and decoration. Military weapons such as warships, submarines, and aircraft carriers in navigation models belong to military models, while Hongchen Military Airlines focuses on large-scale simulation military models.
      本文由大型軍事模型友情奉獻.更多有關的知識請點擊: http://www.cumminsnigeria.com真誠的態度.為您提供為全面的服務.更多有關的知識我們將會陸續向大家奉獻.敬請期待。
      This article is dedicated by a large military model. For more information, please click on: http://www.cumminsnigeria.com Sincere attitude. We will provide you with comprehensive services. We will gradually contribute more relevant knowledge to everyone. Stay tuned.
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